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"...The real standout to me was Sammi Hanratty as Rachel's new deviously passive-aggressive best friend whether she wants her to be or not, Michelle. Cheery, pushy, overly friendly one moment and seething with hostility the next, displaying a morbid fascination with death and the pain inflicted upon others, blackmailing Rachel into hanging out with her, with an older sister who practically flees in terror whenever they end up in the same room, something just isn't right with this young Michelle. Is she just a little unbalanced, a full-fledged sociopath in the making, or does that unfriendly apparition of Michelle's deceased sister that keeps appearing indicate a greater evil within? Whatever the reason, when your new best friend gets mad at a girl on a bicycle and hands you some barb wire, expecting you to hold up your end of a neck-high clothesline, it's definitely time to get some new friends and perhaps maybe call the cops."

"...So if you're a member of the cast of Twilight, take note that you all just got out-acted by two pre-teen girls in a Lifetime Network movie."

WOW, that's a compliment!!
Posted on Aug 11 2010 by Sammi
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